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Guess who's back !

2012-06-23 17:07:42 by vogxhamraks

Well I am finally back to newgrounds after about 2 years of my world of warcraft addiction. It was really bad at that time and right now I am very thankful that I am leaving the game forever. It is a major fail atm but who cares, i am back to ng. So how's everyone? Have I been missing out loads :P?

Ps : Not animating anymore madness for now.

Starting a New Life

2011-01-19 08:06:30 by vogxhamraks

Hey all,
I am starting a new life away from all the madness combat, I am now a Frame by Frame animator and I will start making movies and games which include fbf animations. I will post fbf tests sometimes so you can tell me what you think. Also, getting a tablet by the end of this month so I can improve my drawings.

And Yeah black ops ownz :D

Sorry Finals and internet problems

2010-12-13 12:46:30 by vogxhamraks

Hey guys im back sorry was busy with finals and internet problems. Now im gonna start again with joining collabs so if u want me in u can tell me to join urs, im also gonna do u parts Raptorsend and Zunder so dont worry. After tomorrow Final exams will finish and I will be back with more updates, also i will start on my own solo project and its gonna be released in like March or April. I will be posting new screenshots every 500 frames.

Edit : I quit madness, I now play black ops on xbox 360 so if u have an xbox add me : UGSHamraks

My Birthday C:

2010-11-20 11:15:05 by vogxhamraks

Hey every1, its my birthday and im so happy, i just got my first gift, a pic which is currently my profile pic from Lubos and i would like to thank him alot hes a great friend :D.
I also got a Blackberry from my parents :B.

Thanks to Dj-janer, Lubos, XomfgX, Raptosend for there great gifts

Updates :D

2010-11-07 08:40:57 by vogxhamraks

Hey every1, havent done a post from long time so decided to do a new one. So Clatform sorry i just felt so bored so i decided on trolling ya :P so nvm i wont now. About my project its dead and im back to work on collab parts. Sorry Zunder i have been busy the last days, unfortunately, with school and shits like that but i promise u ill make parts before the deadline. Raptorsend i will have at least 2 more parts ready for ya before the end of this year dont worry. Oh also, im making a huge animation featuring many Madness animators in it. I guess u all have to pray now to be in this wonderful animation.

Also with love to you all especially my babe Zunder who gives me all the trolling ideas xD


K bye, now comment or gtfo of my page stalker

Please forget about the Clatform thing. It was a joke

My Character


My new pic is A great pic from a friend ( Lubos formerly dj-janer) :D

Madness Project + Collab

2010-09-17 05:51:02 by vogxhamraks

Well after all Madness Inflammation collab was a great accomplishment i had done and now its time for me to start working on my solo project. Also i joined Raptorsend's collab and i hope it will be great and yeah i am not so busy these days so i can join your collab's if u want :P

Punch Test

Thanks to EDGe0wnz for teaching me punch and fixing front hand

Edit : Clatform was here and he sucked my dick so hard while i was asleep

The Crew

Madness Inflamation Released

2010-09-11 21:43:21 by vogxhamraks

Well so Madness Inflamation will be up in some mins. I hope you like it please vote 5 and write a review

Edit : Sorry it wasnt up that time i faced lots of bugs but it will be uploaded by XRoadkillX using my account in 20-30 mins

Edit 2 : Madness Inflamation is released be sure to check it and vote 5 :D

Edit : Thank you newgrounds for the daily 4th omg im so glad we won

Madness Inflamation Released

Collab Stats

2010-08-11 16:57:40 by vogxhamraks

Vogxhamraks - 2
Thingthingdude200 - 3
ZaracaM - 2
EDGe0wnz - 3
Raptorsend - Menu and credits and Collab art
Wyvernhunt- 1
xcooldude30x - 1
xroadkillx - 1
DIMB - 2
XXBlinx - 1
IconicStemage - 2
Total Clips done : 18

And the deadline is 5th of September, please don't forget

Edit : I need some people to do comics if no one will do i will cancel that section and do a mini game there.

Hey a Friend of mine made an NG account comment on his tests and btw he is only a beginner

Well i might be busy a bit these days playing WoW, collab organising, and parts so i wont join any collab.

Edit 2 : To Zunder, and Raptorsend as the deadline is 5th of September i need to see progress please even if just a couple of frames before that.

Thanks to Spysociety for doing a minigame and other cool gadgets in the collab

Edit 3 : We're almost done just need 3 parts to release :D

Edit 4 : Zunder you are not replying to my PMs or anything by the end of this week no parts from you or progress sorry youre out

Edit 5 : To everyone in the collab who still wants to make more parts please finish ur parts before 18th of September. That is the final time to give parts, because then ill have school and wont have much time im waiting on 3-4 more parts to release the collab.

Edit 6 : Ok so i changed my mind i wont give until 18th of September who wants to make any more parts please give them today or tomorrow cause i will have 17 parts today if it all goes well as i planned it

Edit 7 : Ok so we are waiting on Zunder to release the collab i really wish that u zunder send ur part as soon as possible


2010-07-16 06:05:33 by vogxhamraks

This is the post with the collab : /post/488389
and this will be the collab music : /299008

Collab members

Vogxhamraks - 1
Thingthingdude200 - 0 (Pending)
ZaracaM - 1 (Added)
EDGe0wnz - 1 (Added)
Raptorsend - 0 (Added)
Zunder - 0 (Added)
Wyvernhunt- 0 (Added)
xcooldude30x - 1 (Added)
xroadkillx - 0 (Added)
DIMB - 0 (pending)
nikeCC - 1 (Added)
Total parts done : 5

Edit : Well i got internet access although am travelling so i can keep updating and make collab parts for u now :D
Edit 2 : Im just going to make this simple from now if u want to get co-authored then u have to add me on portal buddies otherwise if i dont find ur name when this is released i will not co-author so for godsake visit this as soon as possible :

Edit 3 : Hey guys the deadline is extended till the 5th of September so u can have more time

Edit 4 : As we have 11 members in this collab and as i said before me and best 9 only will be co-authored so if u want to join the limit of members is 15 there are 3 more slots and from now ill start deciding who will be co-authored. Dont worry if you dont get co-authored maybe you will be in inflamation 2. So as to make this fair i will open a topic in the forums any day before the release which u can vote in for who is co-authored.

Edit 5 : Who can make me an intro? Anyone who wants even if there not in can

Madness Inflamation

2010-06-28 20:01:11 by vogxhamraks

I've been wandering since 1 year and a half to 2 in NG and have found that lots of people are doing their own collabs so i decided to do mine after i became a good animator in flash and i will only allow ppl who have good animation skills at least like meh

Specifications :

Background colour : Black or Any Grey
Fps : 28 to 30
Background size : 550 x 400 (Default)
Number of members : 10 or more if there are but only me and best 9 will be co-authored
Number of clips allowed : 1 - 4
Clip length : 10 - 25 seconds
Deadline : 20th of August or sooner if parts are done
Release date : 1st of October

Not allowed stuff :

None madness things (pico, thingthing, etc.)
Music in each of your parts
Posting your collab parts in comments ( Send it to me as a private message)

Members :

Add me on msn :
(1) - Vogxhamraks - Clips done : 0 - Comics done : 0
(2) -ttaisawesome - Quit
(3) -thingthingdude200 - Clips done : 0 - Comics done : 0
(4) -Zaracam - Clips done : 1 - Comics done : 0
(5) -EDGe0wnz - Clips done : 1 - Comics done : 0
(6) -Raptorsend- Menu - Clips done : 0 - Comics done : 0
(7) -Zunder- Clips done : 0 - Comics done : 0
(8) -Wyvernhunt - Clips done : 0 - Comics done : 0
(9) -nikeCC - Clips done : 0 - Comics done : 0
(10) -Empty - Clips done : 0 - Comics done : 0

Total clips done : 2
Total comics done : 0

Wish you good luck , and dont forget to make your part cool so we can get an award :D
Edit : Im looking for someone who can do me an intro anyone wants? Nevermind i did one

Menu screenie